Our Story

We welcome you to Taste of the Himalayas, our restaurant. Enjoy the exotic tastes of India and Nepal.

At Taste of the Himalayas, we will provide you with a glimpse of the inherited culture and tradition of the sub-continent and will serve you the exotic flavors and authentic tastes of the finest cuisines from India and Nepal.

Catering for All Occasions

We have experience in catering for weddings, parties, gatherings and birthdays. No group is too big or too small for our team! Feel free to call us or stop by one of our restaurants for further information about catering services.

Dine In

Enjoy a wonderful and family-friendly casual dining experience at our restaurant. We bring the taste of Indian and Nepali food to your table.

Lunch Specials

Lunch specials work well for everyone. Both meat and vegetarian options are available for your dining pleasure.


It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Feel free to call in to place your order and it will be ready when you arrive at the restaurant. It’s easy.